John Varvatos By John Varvatos 125ml

John Varvatos By John Varvatos 125ml

John Varvatos By John Varvatos 125ml

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This scent is infused with a relaxed, yet sensuous feeling. As elegant and masculine as it is intriguing, its power conveys the attention to detail clearly present in every John Varvatos creation.

Inspired by the masculinity, luxury, and texture of the Varvatos fashion collection, the bottle boasts these same ideals: the curved shoulder of the glass, the sleek leather, dramatic color, and chrome accents. 

Notes:Medjool Date Fruit, Mediterranean Herbs, West Indian Tamarind Tree Leaves, Coriander Seed Templar, Clary Sage Flower, Indian Ajowan, Auramber, Vanilla CO2, Balsams, Eaglewood, Vanilla, Black Leather
Style:Modern. Bold. Sophisticated.

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